Mediation in English: separating Couples with Kids

Sometimes good parents have to part ways. When that happens, it is all about how it happens.                

Even though your emotional and financial differences with your spouse may be severe, you probably share some of the following goals:

  • Not harming your children by intensifying your conflict
  • Resolving your differences swiftly
  • Paying no more than necessary for the resolution process
  • To stay in control of the process

Mediation sessions with Dr. Isabell Lütkehaus let you achieve these goals.

Mediation puts you in control.

Dr. Lütkehaus is a practicing attorney at law with more than ten years of experience. Mediation is her tool of choice. She acts as a non-judgmental, impartial advisor to both of you. Her thorough, results driven methods have helped many responsible couples create swift, cost effective and amicable separation solutions under the applicable law.


Mediation follows a clearly structured procedure, beginning with the first meeting of founding the basis for the process and ending with a (written or oral) settlement for the future.

STEP 1: Introduction of mediation by making a contact, working out the basic rules and the framework of the mediation

STEP 2: Agreement on the topics and questions that should be addressed in mediation

STEP 3: Dealing with conflicts by shedding light on background and feelings, formulating needs, negotiating along the parties’ interests

STEP 4: Development of possible solutions, negotiation and agreement over criteria for decisions

STEP 5: Conclusion of the mediation with a (binding) contract and a self-reflective review